Classes scheduled before 8am are considered "Early Morning Classes." These classes are the only ones on our schedule that have a special registration and attendance policy:

  1.  A minimum of 4 students pre-registered for the early morning class is required, or the class will be cancelled 10 hours in advance of the class start-time.
  2. Students who register for the early morning classes, and do not cancel 12 hours in advance, or do not show up for the class, will be charged a late cancel fee. Students with class passes will forfeit their payment for that class. Students with memberships or unlimited yoga passes will be charged $10. New Students with the 21 Day pass will have two days deducted from
    their pass.
  3. On arrival please ring Eb & flow’s front-door building buzzer (on the left side of the downstairs door), to get into the building.
  4. No late arrivals. Generally, late arrivals are not allowed for these early morning classes. However, if you are only 1 or 2 minutes late, please call the studio phone (773-227-7740) before 6:15am and let the teacher know you are almost there. Typically, teachers can hear the buzzer in the large studio if they know to listen for it.
  5. The teacher will open the studio 20 minutes before the class start time.

Have a wonderful early morning class and thank you for your commitment to make these classes happen!