When does the studio open?

The studio typically opens 20-30 minutes before class begins. If you come and the door is locked, just hang out and someone will open it for you shortly.

WHERE is the best place to park my car?

Plenty of Free Parking is available on Honore Ave. or Wood Street between North Ave. and Armitage Ave., north and east of the studio.


Yes! We love beginners! All of our classes are open to all levels, and modifications will be given as needed. If you have questions about what type of class would be best to start with, give us a call or email us!

is baptiste Power flow yoga the same as "hot yoga"?  

No. Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga, "Power Flow" is a powerful energetic form of Yoga where students fluidly move from one pose to the next while connecting their breath to the movement. Baptiste Yoga™ was founded in the 1940s by Baron Baptiste and his father Walt Baptiste. The physical components of Baptiste Yoga™ style are informed by the classical Hatha Yoga teachings of Krishnamacharya and his students Iyengar and Desikachar. While you will build strength and flexibility, you will also cleanse your mind and create awareness. 

The Baptiste Power Flow practice is designed to be real, powerful and possible, empowering participants to awaken to their highest potential and new possibilities that await them on and off their mat.

Do you offer prenatal yoga classes? 

We do not offer a specific class called prenatal yoga. Instead, we suggest expectant mothers try our “Yin Flow” gentle vinyasa class taught by teachers who are trained in prenatal yoga and have experience in modifying poses and developing safe sequences specifically for your body and your stage of pregnancy. Another option, especially if you are new to yoga is our restful “Yin Yoga” and "Yoga Nidra & Meditation" class. All our our classes are adaptable to embrace your specific needs. Just check-in with the teacher and let them know your personal situation, and you will find a supportive practice appropriate for expectant mothers at any stage of pregnancy.  

I’m not flexible. Can I do yoga?  

Yes! You are a perfect candidate for yoga. You do not need to be flexible to begin yoga, just as you don’t need to know how to learn to swim to take swimming lessons. Come as you are and you will find that yoga practice will help you become more flexible. 

How should I prepare for class? 

Wear light, comfortable clothes. Be well-hydrated before class. It is best not to eat before class, so can practice on a light stomach.

What should I bring? 

Bring a mat, towel and bottle of water. You can also rent them from us. First time to the yoga studio we offer a free mat and towel rental. Future mat rentals are $1.

What is the temperature of the yoga rooms? 

The temperature of the yoga rooms depend on the class you are taking.  They range from room temperature to 95 degrees.  Please look at individual class descriptions to see the temperature of the room for that class.

Do you have changing rooms, bathrooms and showers? 

We have separate changing rooms and bathrooms.  We do not have public showers.

Is it okay to leave class early? 

Please plan to stay for the whole class. If you must leave early, please let the instructor know before class begins. Place your mat by the door and exit before savasana (which is one of the most important elements in the yoga practice).

 What are Other Studio Policies I should know?

  • The New Student Special, Class Packages, unlimited yoga services, and memberships are not refundable, transferable, or extendable.
  • Workshop or special event cancellations require 48-hour notice for studio credit only.
  • We offer rental mats for $1 and rental towels for $2.
  • Please bring your own bottle. We have a water cooler but do not have cups.
  • No late entries after 10 minutes past the class start time.
  • Should you be late please enter class after Oms.
  • In the yoga rooms, please no gum, no glass, and all containers must be sealed.
  • Please enter the yoga studio room quietly; be respectful of your neighbors preparing mindfully for class.
  • Please turn off your phone when you arrive. All cell phone use is to be done outside of the studio.
  • Keep all personal belongings outside of the yoga studio room, cell phone included. We have cubbies to place your belongings. Anything of personal value please keep at home or locked in your car. All students are personally responsible for the safety of their own belongings.
  • After practice, please wipe up your practice area.
  • If you must leave early, please let the instructor know before class begins. Place your mat by the door and exit before savasana (which is one of the most important elements in the yoga practice).


Email (info@ebandflowyoga.com), call (773-227-7740) or stop by the studio and we will answer your questions to the best of our abilities.