Joey’s interest in the mind-body connection was piqued during her first job out of college, as an analytical chemist for a local steel mill. Seeking balance in her life between the environment at work, home, and her internal self, she ultimately began taking classes with a friend at Eight Limbs Yoga center and exploring alternative healthcare options. Joey went on to study Western and Eastern Herbalism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and nutrition at the Chicago College of Healing Arts, where she received a certificate in Medicinal Herbalism. Since 1998, Joey has studied various styles including Hatha, Anusara, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Pre- and Post-Natal and Yoga for Fertility, Yoga for Children, Taoist (Yin and Yang Yoga with Paulie Zink) Letha, Danda, and Longi Yoga and Min Zin Meditation (Burmese forms of yoga using a partner, a staff and a rope, respectively with Bando Grand Master Dr. Gyi). Joey combines Taoist, Burmese and Min Zin Meditation to create a serene and relaxing environment for Yoga for Fertility classes. She likes to combine both yin and yang asanas to get the blood and energy flowing in a relaxed environment. In 2010, Joey rounded out her education with an AFAA Group Exercise Certificate. She can also be found around Chicago teaching body sculpting, circuit training, and core conditioning classes. In all, Joey draws on her knowledge from these traditions to create a serene environment in which to practice yoga as a moving meditation, creating balance inside and out, and between flexibility and strength.